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Vet Buffalo NY

Vet Buffalo NY is one with the modernization of veterinary medicine. From our veterinarians to our staff, everyone is trained to provide the best medical, dental and other veterinary services to different animals brought in our facility.

Our clinic is solely dedicated to the wellness of animals. Be it a house pet or a wild animal, we treat all kinds of creatures who need our help. Apart from giving medical attention, surgery and emergency procedures, we also offer services that would make the animal’s life comfortable. For pet owners, we also have services to assist you with taking care of your buddy, ensuring you a good and comfortable life for them.

The expert staff at Vet Buffalo NY are devoted to giving only the best expertise in veterinary medicine. Just like Emergency vet Buffalo NY which is our quick response team who provide emergency procedures 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. Our aim is to live a life in a world where no animals are harmed and everyone is cared for.

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Services Offered

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    We make sure that your pets get the best care for their wellness through different treatments focused on their hygiene and relaxation.

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    Our trained technicians use the right monitoring equipment to monitor how your pet is holding up with their anesthesia.

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    We also have a team of pet nutritionists who can give great advice on the best meal that will keep your pets healthy and satisfied with what they are eating.

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    We understand the feeling of having to see your pet in pain. Our trained staff have different methods to alleviate the pain that your pets feel making them relaxed and comfortable during a procedure.

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    As a responsible pet owner, vaccination is something that should be a priority when it comes to your pets. We will be assisting you with everything you need regarding vaccines.

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    Veterinarians also care for animal teeth and dental hygiene. We can help your pet have those sparkly whites healthy and sharp!

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    Our facility is well-equipped with the tools needed to check if your pet has glaucoma and other illnesses. You can rely on us for a precise diagnosis.

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    We also have radiography services available for pets. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure you of a safe and quick procedure.

Services We Provide:

Medical procedure

Vet Buffalo NY utilizes the most recent gears used in checking pulse, breath, blood oxygen, EKG, blood circulation and temperature while the animal is undergoing medical procedure.

With veterinary Buffalo NY, you are guaranteed with veterinary professionals treating your pet. Whatever medical procedure your pet needs to undergo, all our trained veterinarians have years of experience in doing so. You can rely on them to save your pet’s life. Without a doubt, they are the best in New York.


We offer dental services for animals. These services include and are not limited to, teeth and gum cleaning, dental surgery, filling, tooth extraction and more. We make sure to give them proper treatment and medicine after the procedure. If your pet shows symptoms like bad breath, broken tooth, bleeding mouth or gums, or refusing to eat, do not hesitate to bring them in as they might be experiencing a dental problem. Our trained professionals will make sure to look after your pet and treat them according to their needs. We also offer emergency dental services, available 24/7.

Needle therapy

One of the alternative treatments we do in Vet Buffalo NY is needle therapy. Similar to humans, animals also have pressure points in their bodies. We utilize these pressure points to release toxins and stress with the use of needles. This therapy is the rave nowadays in the veterinary world. This is a very traditional treatment which does not use chemicals like in medicine tablets to treat certain ailments.

Why Choose Us?

We understand how animals behave when there is something they need and they cannot do anything about it. Our team is trained to take care of animals as well as provide medical or dental attention to them. We always consider the best course of action for the betterment of the animal. If you are looking for a veterinary clinic you can rely on, you have found the right one!

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Why Choose Vet in Buffalo?

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Accidents happen all the time. Vet Buffalo NY has emergency services available 24/7 overseen by professional veterinarians.

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Our staff are all well-trained and licensed professionals who have years of experience in the field. The cream of the crop in Buffalo!

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Our facility is equipped with the most advanced and state-of-the-art tools and gadgets that aid our staff in helping your pets with their needs.


"I thought my pet was untreatable. After coming to Vet Buffalo NY, my dearest puppy was diagnosed and treated properly. She recovered in a week and is now enjoying a great life! This vet clinic is amazing! "

Caroline S.

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"I recommend this place to everyone! They are very systematic and you can see how well they know their job. I felt that I could rely on them and I wasn’t wrong. Thanks, Vet Buffalo NY!"

Paisley V.

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"I have never seen a vet clinic that cares so much about pets. Even better than a human hospital! I don’t regret coming all the way to Buffalo just to get my pet treated in this place."

Savannah C.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is an emergency vet visit in Buffalo?

There is no certain time that your pet would be in an emergency. It is important to know how much is an emergency vet visit in Buffalo? With this, you have an idea and be prepared. On average, an emergency visit would cost $800-$1,500. If your pet would need surgery, the total cost may add more.

How much are puppy shots in Buffalo?

Having a pet is such a wonderful experience and it is important to keep their health especially for puppies. One of which is to get their shots, but how much are puppy shots in Buffalo? Dog Vaccines or shots are recommended by veterinarians based on your puppy’s background such as breed and age. The average cost will be $75 to $100. This will include the core vaccines which will be administered in a series of three. When your puppy is 6 to 12, and 16 weeks old.

How much does a vet visit cost in Buffalo?

As a pet owner, aside from the happiness that they bring, it is also your priority to keep them healthy. A routine checkup to a vet clinic can be costly. You may want to know first how much does a vet visit cost in Buffalo? For a typical visit, this can cost less than $50 but the cost may change depending on the examination and the needs of your pet.

How much does dog grooming cost in Buffalo?

Grooming your pet is also one of your priorities. To keep their furs groomed and clean. However, how much does a dog grooming cost in Buffalo? Dog Groomers may ask an extra charge if they need to do some extra work for your pet such as teeth cleaning, flea treatments, and nail clipping. On average, you may expect to pay between $30 and $90 for the standard grooming. This also depends on the size of your pet and the amount of fur.

How much does it cost to neuter a dog in Buffalo?

Neutering a dog is quite beneficial. This may include canine overpopulation and testicular cancer to name a few. However, how much does it cost to neuter a dog in Buffalo? Getting this procedure can be affordable and this can cost between $50 to $250. The total cost may depend on your pet’s size and age.

How much does it cost to declaw a cat in Buffalo?

Declawing your pet cat may be the last option that you can do. This would depend on your cat’s behavior. But how much does it cost to declaw a cat in Buffalo? The average cost may range from $100 to $500.

How much does it cost to have a dog put down in Buffalo?

It is such a painful moment when you decide to put your precious pet to sleep. You have done everything that you need to keep them safe and healthy but it is such a pain to see them suffer. There are medical ways to put them down, but how much does it cost to have a dog put down in Buffalo? This process will be done through the supervision of a Vet. This may be costly and the average cost may range between $150 to $300. It involves the process of putting the pet down and cremation. But for putting the pet down, this may cost around $50 to $300 and up.