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Animal Wellness Center Buffalo

We offer various services here at Animal Wellness Center Buffalo for your furry companions. It is our responsibility to give veterinary care to your pets. Our services are designed for routine preventive care for your healthy pets, early detection, and prompt treatment of disease as your pet grows old, and complete medical and surgical care as needed during their time.

Because of our companions' shorter lifespan, we emphasize the importance of yearly physical examinations, checkups as well as preventive care that can ease serious health problems. We provide a plethora of veterinary services to make your pets feel comfortable:


We also do a regular checkup and care for birds, rabbits, and pets of sorts.


Animal Wellness Center Buffalo pet grooming staff provides grooming services for cats and dogs in an environment that is safe, comforting, and with compassion. Here are some of our grooming services:

  • When it comes to bathing, it shouldn't be done on a daily basis as it will remove the natural oils that make the fur glisten. You can get in touch with our veterinarian for bathing frequencies.
  • Hair trimming for cats and dogs
  • Nail trimming for cats and dogs

Pet grooming fosters a bond between the owner and the pet. It can also be beneficial in many ways:

  • Improve your pets' overall physical features
  • Your pets will look fresh and clean
  • You will be more familiar with the different pet anatomy


Periodontal disease is common among kittens and puppies. Let us take the necessary steps in preventing oral cavities or other oral diseases.

Medicine and Surgery

With x-rays and other laboratory workups, we can diagnose and treat any underlying health conditions of your pets.

At Animal Wellness Center Buffalo, safety is our primary concern. We use the best anesthesia monitoring equipment and our high-tech heating devices for our surgeries. We only use our endotracheal tube anesthesia once. We also offer spays and neutering and other soft tissue surgeries. For individual cat checkups, you can visit Cat Clinic Buffalo.

Health and travel certificates

If you want to get away with your pets, then head to Pet Wellness Buffalo. The veterinarian shall provide a complete examination to ensure your pets are healthy and fit to travel. In addition, a mandatory verification of rabies is checked to see if vaccination is up to date.

Wellness and prevention

Providing the best care for furry companions is our main concern through proper diet and nutrition.

Holistic medical approach


Animal Wellness Center Buffalo's focus on behavior is created to supplement human-animal interaction by advocating scientifically-based techniques of behavior modification, management, and training. Identifying the essentials of recognizing the behavioral needs of domesticated animals and the people they live with shall improve the lives of pets and people globally.

We can help with the behavior through the following:

  • Behavioral assessment
  • Puppy\kitten training
  • Training tools
  • Medical management

Modern medicine

Modern veterinary medicine is the extension of science that deals with the practice of diagnostic and therapeutic principles to pets, wildlife, and livestock animals. It also includes medical, dental, and surgical studies. Modern veterinarians are doctors who have extensive knowledge and aim to safeguard the health of both humans and animals. Some of Animal Wellness Center Buffalo's application of modern medicine are the following:

  • Health\travel certificates
  • Blood tests
  • Fecal exams
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Full pharmacy service
  • Prescription medicines

Drop by for a visit

We can't stress enough the importance of health for your furry companions. They are, of course, considered extended members of the family. For your pet's needs. Contact your nearest Animal Wellness Center Buffalo near you.