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Emergency Vet Buffalo NY

Emergency Vet Buffalo NY is equipped with the best tools to quickly respond to an emergency situation. We have a dedicated staff who are always available at any time of the day and any day of the week to take your calls and dispatch a team who can go to your home and treat your pets. If you can drop by the clinic, our team of professional veterinarians are also available to check and give them the treatment that they need. Our quick response to emergency situations is what built our reputation of being one of the best places to go to when animals need medical help. If your pet, or a wild animal is in need of quick medical attention, our hotline is the best number to call.

We do not only serve individual pet owners, we also welcome anyone who has seen or has willingly helped an animal they came across with. We are dedicated to giving the best care and medical attention to all animals in need.

Veterinary Buffalo NY staff is committed to giving your pets the best care and treatment. We make sure that your pet feels relaxed and comfortable while in our care and would be making steadfast recovery after their treatment.

Emergency Vet Buffalo NY understands and acknowledges the importance of providing your pet with accurate diagnosis and treatment. We also know that emergency situations do not only involve aggravating incidents. With that said, our services that we usually provide by appointment can also be availed for emergency situations. These services are:

  • Vaccinations
  • Medical and surgical procedures
  • Dental procedures
  • In-house laboratory testing

These services are usually availed by appointment; however, if the situation calls for any of these procedures, our facility is well-equipped to accommodate our animal patients during emergency.

Our Mission

We believe in a world where all creatures coexist together in peace and harmony. Our role in this world is to ensure that animals are safe, comfortable and healthy. We want pet owners to enjoy their lives with their pets without worrying about their pets’ health condition. We also want all animals to live a comfortable life without the stress of having ailments and injuries. After all, we are made to live in one planet; animals and humans alike.

Our Vision

Vet Buffalo NY understands how pet owners care for their pets and how animal lovers protect all kinds of animals. We aspire to make the world a better place for our critter friends by providing proper health care for them. Our facility is always open to all kinds of animals and will surely be given the best quality of medical care that they need. We aim to revolutionize the veterinary industry by providing modern and alternative ways of treating animals ethically and with more consideration on the animals rather than their owners or where they came from.

Contact Emergency Vet Buffalo NY now for a free appointment.